School Visits and Workshops

Thank You WishesWhilst I offer teachers and children an inspirational look into my new book, I will share with you my secret to making things happen.

These interactive sessions are great for special person's day, connecting kids and adults through the story, or any day you want your students to be inspired to see the power of their dreams.

Whilst reading the story of Molly as she visits her grandma. We can explore many topics, including appreciating what we have, seeing the opportunities in every situation, having the courage to try new things and self belief.

kate teachingAt the end of each session the children get to try their hand at writing or drawing their own thank you wishes. The discussion and practical experience during this time can open up their minds to amazing possibilities. Helping to unlock doorways, to new ways of thinking and thanking.

Fun, follow up activities and teachers notes are also available.

Bully Book Workshops

Bully BookBully book workshops are a great way to engage the children about a difficult subject in a way that uses their experiences and knowledge to help find solutions to this complex problem.

By approaching it from the bully's perspective I think each child is more likely to recognise those elements of bullying they might participate in and help them think twice next time such a situation arises.

The workshops work well as one hour sessions done over a three to four week period or can be consolidated into a one day project. I can tailor it to suit your individual lneeds.

As with all good ideas, repetition and consolidation are key to long term change, so as an extra activity your Bully book could be presented as a short power point presentation or performance involving all the students from your class, enabling you to share your Bully Book insights school wide.

Presenting it through a fun medium is another step towards dismantling the bully culture that can invade every school.

Black Saturday and Beyond

Black Saturday BookI am also available to come and speak about the Black Saturday was my dad's birthday book and Can we go home now?. This can be a simple read and discussion of the books and the events in and around them, or we can tie it in with work on writing and use this as an opportunity to get the kids to write their own stories. I can tailor it to suit your needs. From a one hour information session to a whole day workshop it's all up to you.